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Portfolio Construction

Smart Beta...

At BlackPoint Capital Partners, we strategically leverage the principles of Smart Beta, also recognized as factor investing, to construct portfolios. This approach involves a meticulous focus on factors such as value, momentum, or low volatility, which are known to drive superior returns or mitigate risk. Numerous studies have shown that Smart Beta strategies have outperformed traditional index funds over the long term. For example, a study by Morningstar found that from 2003 to 2013, Smart Beta funds outperformed traditional index funds by an average of 1.5% per year.

This outperformance can be attributed to the ability of Smart Beta funds to identify stocks with favorable characteristics, ultimately leading to higher returns. By employing a systematic and transparent methodology, we harness the potential for enhanced performance while maintaining diversification, making Smart Beta an integral component of our portfolio construction strategy.

Short, Mid & Long-Term...

Short, Mid & Long-Term...

Short Term (Now to a Few Years): 

Safety: It spreads your money across different investments to protect it from sudden ups and downs.
Better Performance: It might perform better than regular investments during short-term changes in the market.
Lower Costs: You pay fewer fees, so you keep more of your money.

Mid Term (A Few Years to a Decade): 

Consistent Returns: It aims for steady growth over time by using proven strategies.
Less Impulsiveness: It doesn't make quick decisions based on emotions, which can be better for your long-term goals.
Lower Risk: Some Smart Beta strategies focus on reducing risk, which helps protect your investments in the medium term.

Long Term (A Decade or More): 

Wealth Building: It can help grow your wealth over a long time through a systematic approach.
Transparency: You can see exactly how it works, which builds trust for the long haul.
Lower Costs: Lower fees mean more of your money stays invested, which can make a big difference in the long term.

In Summary...

In Summary...

Smart Beta strategies can be a smart choice for investors seeking a balance between active and passive investing. They can enhance diversification and potentially provide better risk-adjusted returns in certain market conditions.

However, like any investment approach, they should be considered within the context of an overall portfolio strategy and aligned with your specific financial goals and risk tolerance.

Consulting with a financial advisor can help determine if smart beta is suitable for your unique circumstances.

Portfolio Construction Principles

Curated Portfolios

The Marketplace...

Get a competitive advantage with our approach that covers the entire market. We use specialized investment portfolios created by top experts from Fund Managers and Asset Managers. This strategy is suitable for everyone and is supported by professionals who aim to help you make the most of your money.

BlackPoint Capital Partners have access to a panel of experienced Chief Investment Officers (CIOs), all of whom are geared towards providing you with highly personalized financial services. They possess extensive knowledge and skills, collaborating with us to develop unique investment plans tailored just for you. Whether you're saving for retirement, seeking to preserve and grow your wealth, or pursuing other financial goals, our CIOs will design a portfolio that aligns perfectly with your needs.

We understand that each individual has distinct financial situations and goals. This is why we are thorough in creating investment plans that cater to your specific requirements. With our panel of CIOs on board, you can rely on a high level of personalization and meticulous attention to ensure the success of your financial journey.

Embrace the strength of custom-made investment strategies and start building the financial future you've always desired. Your path to financial success begins right here.

Investment Solution Providers & Navigating Market Cycles

We assist clients in discovering, pairing, and managing their investments with a carefully vetted, selected, and monitored list of strategists, allowing for a comprehensive portfolio construction.

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